Lismore Central Shopping Centre New South Wales


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Lismore, Bundjalung, NSW


Adam Lamanna



Kennedys Group is fully licensed to complete commercial and industrial plumbing works throughout Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, and Tasmania.

Our North Melbourne Team were recently contracted to complete a Category 1 Hydraulic Works project in Lismore, NSW.

Managed by Project Manager Adam Lamanna, our dedicated team of three plumbers took the journey interstate to provide expert solutions for our client.

Scope of Work:

The project involved extensive plumbing modifications within two tenancies—a vacant space and a gym. The work was meticulously planned and executed as follows:

  1. Preparatory Steps: This phase included arranging access, securing necessary permits, organizing travel requirements, and ensuring the work area was safely barricaded and clearly signposted.
  2. Concrete Coring: A detailed slab scan was conducted, followed by concrete coring at 25 designated waste points for plumbing fixtures including basins, sinks, toilets, floor wastes, and vents.
  3. Pipework Installation: Approximately 80 lineal meters of 100mm PVC pipework were fabricated and installed, suspended from the ceilings and connected to multiple locations as specified in the provided plans.
  4. Fire Protection: Fire protection measures were installed around new core penetrations to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.
  5. Testing and Commissioning: The installed systems underwent rigorous testing and commissioning to confirm functionality and compliance with relevant standards.
  6. Project Completion: The project concluded with a thorough cleaning of the work area and the issuance of a certificate of compliance.

A massive thank you to the team for their exceptional dedication and commitment. Traveling all the way to New South Wales for our client and completing all works outside of business hours exemplifies their unwavering professionalism and tireless work ethic. Delivering high-quality results under challenging circumstances is truly commendable.

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