Every year Kennedys delivers.


What we’ve delivered

Every year, Kennedys delivers.
Our services provide energy efficiency, fresh water, hygiene, environmental health and engineered utilities to many Victorians….from people in offices, to lions at the zoo!

Number of projects delivered FY 2023/24

Lineal metres of pipe laid FY 2023/24

Square meters of roofing installed FY 2023/24

Tonnes of asbestos removed in FY 2023/24

Tonnes of contaminated soil disposed FY 2023/24

Number of natural environments restored

Our Talent

Our people are our power.
We’ve gathered a team of specialists and emerging talent who, together, build great things.


Apprentices 2024

Licensed tradespeople

Staff with us for more than 3 years

Staff with us for more than 5 years

Staff with us for more than 10 years

Work Health and Safety

Every one in the Kennedys Group family puts safety first.
From our day-to-day operations, and through a pandemic, we’re proud to have kept Work Health and Safety at the top of the agenda.

Lost time injuries last year

Near misses last year

Lost time injuries in last 5 years

Near misses in last 5 years

Number of COVID related remote/WFH injuries